How do I change a file name in Accounts Hosted

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    Hi David,

    Go into your Q drive (without the file being open that you want to rename), find the QBW file, highlight it (by hovering over the file).

    Once highlighted press F2 on your keyboard - you can now rename the file.

    ** Next time you go to open the file your shortcut in the previous company files open window will need to be refreshed, so manually navigate to the file via the Q drive.

    Kind regards,
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    Under latest Chrome (28/4/2016) I've found I have to:
    - select the DOWNLOAD feature button to get to see drive Q:
      (if that is where the file is to copy)
    - RIGHT-MOUSE CLICK on the date part of the filename
       appearing in the Q: to cause the highlighting
    - and then I enjoy the <F2>  keystroke to commence the renaming process.

  • Broni K BeerlingBroni K Beerling Member Posts: 43
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    I have tried the highlighting and F2 button but this is not working ?
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