Electronic TFN Lodgement

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I'm using Reckons Accounts Hosted. The ATO's Small Business newsletter back in April 2015 stated that electronic TFNs can now be created and lodged electronically using Standard Business Reporting (SBR) enabled software. If Reckons Accounts Hosted is SBR enabled how do you go about accessing/setting it up for first time use and then using it?


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    Hey Rose, thanks for reaching out to us. At his point in time Reckon GovConnect does not provide such features. For a full list of functions available via SBR/GovConnect please see: http://www.sbr.gov.au/sbr-products-register/sbr-product-register-full-list  (Ctrl+F and searching for Reckon, will help bring the search to the Reckon section for you.)
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    Hi Mirko

    When will we  have this feature???? I have been an supporter of QB, Reckon since the fist pre-gst cashbook came out, but Reckon is now sadly lacking behind in it's development, if SBR is available, then all SBR is available, not half.

    Once I could sing it's praises that it was far superior to the 'Johnny come lately" programs which all came after QB and copied QB to an extent. Now these programs are racing ahead of Reckon.

    Reckon One can't even do basic invoice customisation still after a year, Reckon can't email from customers own email programs and track emails, SBR can't upload a simple TFN Declaration form.

    Yet we have useless things like Invoice apps, which don't integrate with reckon one even, serious attention needs to be paid to the original products to play catch up, where once they were years ahead of all.

    Please pass this onto development, it is us PP & AP that are coping the flack, and we are losing clients hand over fist to other software programs.
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    Hi Development

    We are now 3 YEARS ON.... Is the TFN declaration electronic form available yet, or even close
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    Hi - is there any update on this? Other software packages offer electronic TFN lodgement, has Reckon got this feature now? Thanks Lucas
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