RPP2016 Price discount for long term users?????

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Hello All,
Given that I may possibly have been just a little derogatory about Reckon and their personal plus line, I thought perhaps I should attempt to partially remedy the situation.
As there appears to be more than the odd disaffected user out there, most of whom complain about lack of customer service and pricing, I have an idea.
Out of curiosity, I was just searching for the current price of RPP2016, full version. The most expensive out there is $275. From whom you may ask? From Reckon of course. Others sell it for as little as $218 (Harvey Norman), and there are various other resellers up to $240.
Why a reseller is able to make a profit whilst still charging in excess of 20% less than the manufacturer of the product is beyond me, but then, so is Reckon's business model.
Anyway, my suggestion.
How about a discount for long term users??? Any thoughts??? Rav, you still out there? What do you think?


  • Andrew ChristieAndrew Christie Member Posts: 160
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    Yep, agree, would be nice - the subscription price goes up each year. I am on the road that starts with.." is it worth it"
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    I think they may return serve and suggest their subscription service, a cheaper cost than the full version.

    I agree with the concept of a subscription service but would prefer it also at a lesser price.   I agree with your suggestion of maybe some sort of sliding scale price reduction/discount for long term users.
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    Hi Michael,

    From a purely consumer point of view, if you've found the product at a lower price through a reseller that's great. We aren't in competition with our resellers so if you've found an attractive pricing offer I'd snap it up. You have to bear in mind that we don't control the price point in which resellers choose to sell their stock, there is a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) advised however there may be various reasons for the price point the reseller chooses to set.

    As Steven has alluded to, the subscription service is a cheaper option than the full version pricing-wise and is specifically for existing users.

    The sliding scale concept is an interesting idea though and one that I will be feeding back to the Product and CS team. 

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,801 Administrator
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    The same loaf of bread costs me more today than it did 2 years ago as well.

    I don't think your question is one that only applies to Reckon products as we are impacted by the same market pressures that all businesses must contend with, and as a business we have to evolve and change over time. There may be some aspects of that process that may not sit well with you or others, and that is understandable but we're trying our best to find the right balance.
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    Actually it isn't cheaper. Given that the full version doesn't need to be upgraded for 4 or 5 years, the subscription service is in fact significantly more expensive. Reckon likes it as they are able to "lock you in", generating predictable cash flows.
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    I'm just turning off that road, down a street called "customer service street". Reckon vehicles don't go down there.
  • stst Member Posts: 121
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    Whether you purchase the full version or the subscription service, you are locked-in, and Reckon knows this.  

  • MichaelMichael Member Posts: 31
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    We are living in an era of almost zero inflation, pay rises are negligible, and one of the big factors in keeping our CPI low is that food/groceries are dropping in price due to competition between the big players.

    Hence the bread analogy is not a good one.

    In the personal finance software market however, where there is no competition, RPP prices have increased 40% in 2 years. I wonder if ALDI can be encouraged to release a basic finance program.....

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    And with that, this thread has more than run it's course.
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