Share prices not uploading after installing Reckon Personal Plus 2017. on Windows 10

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    Graham, there are related threads. For the past few days the prices which were being downloaded after 8pm each day were rubbish. However, if the download was attempted the next morning, the prices downloaded were correct. For the past couple of evenings (I'm also on 2017 and running Windows 10) there was no prices at all which could be downloaded but again, could be in the morning. Reckon is aware of the issue and is "working on it"
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    Hi, i have just loaded personal plus 2017 and am on windows 10 as well.  Again the downloaded share prices appear to be rubbish and out by at lesast 2 days.  I have also started Hubb investor and although I do not know this product or used at all previously, the shares prices appear to be accurate and up to date.  Will try again in the morning to see what happens then
    Randall K
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