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I have set-up my Pay Runs but I am wondering how to reconcile the payments through the bank account? When I go to reconciling it is not matching the bank account feed as the pay run is totalling double what the bank feed numbers are?


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    Hi Nick

    I am not a huge help on this one for you as I don't have a client on RO payroll, however, it the pays are doubling when you create them you really need to look at how they are set up, or you have an issue you need to get onto tech support about.

    As for reconciling, the best way to manage payroll is to set up a bank account "Payroll Clearing", when you create the pay, it goes to payroll clearing account & not bank account.

    When  you pay the wage from the Bank account it goes into the payroll clearing account, you can set up a rule for the employees name that sends it straight to payroll clearing from the bank feed.

    this way, your Payroll clearing account should come back to Nil at the end of each month.  You can easily find any discrepancy and amend a payment to the employee or amend the payslip.
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    HI Kwikbooks

    Can you tell me how to set up the rule as tech support have advised me I cannot post to the payroll clearing account from the bank account as it is a liability account and will only allow journal postings not postings from the bank account.  Would make it so much easier if I can!  They have advised I have to go and post each payment individually to my own payroll clearing account and I can then set up the bank rule to go into that created account.
    Thank you
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