Is there an email log for Accounts Hosted?

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I have sent several statements by email to customers with my email address in the BCC field. I haven't received the emails and I wanted to know if Accounts Hosted has an email log so that I can see if the emails were actually sent


  • Jason BeavenJason Beaven Alumni Posts: 50
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    Hi Melanie,

    There is no log that is publicly available for the end user to view.

    If you have recently checked that the emails are still not delivered to yourself, you have tested again using another email address since creating this post and there is still an issue, you will have to call Technical Support and raise a support query.

  • Nathan ElcoateNathan Elcoate Member Posts: 359
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    What I do, is BCC myself on all emails, which you can set in Edit - Preferences - Send Forms then select the transaction type and enter your email address into the BCC field. Then every time you email that transaction, you will receive a copy in your Inbox, so you know it got sent. You can take this a step further, by creating a rule in Outlook to move these to a particular folder.
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    Hi  Jason Beaven

    A couple of years ago you responded to this thread stating Reckon don't provide email logs. Is that still the case? Or is there any way of obtaining this?

    We are having a dispute with a client who is now saying they never received invoices by email that were sent direct from Reckon Hosted over the past 12 months. We didn't BCC or CC ourselves on the emails. However I know that when sending an email from Reckon Hosted the email shows an admin email address for the business. Can I access this email address somewhere to see all the emails sent out?

    Further is there something in the invoice section, like a note, in Reckon Hosted that says that the invoice was emailed on X date?

    Many thanks, Lee
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