reckon accounts hosted android problems

Liam FranciscoLiam Francisco Member Posts: 8
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Hi  i am using a Samsung Galaxy s7 and every time i go to launch accounts hosted from it, it opens another screen and starts to load before it automatically closes that screen, I have popups not blocked.
Could you suggest what I am doing wrong, I use it on my computers no problem at all.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,901 Administrator
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    Hi Liam,

    Which browser are you using on your S7 to access Hosted? I'd recommend Google Chrome.

    Have you used Hosted on your phone successfully before?
    While access is possible on a phone, it may not be the best experience based on the limited screen real estate available. 
  • Liam FranciscoLiam Francisco Member Posts: 8
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    Hi Rav, yes google chrome is what I have been using to try and access it. Yes I realize it won't be as good on my phone, but it does state it works on mobile devices. I really just want to be able to access it occasionally when I am at work. 
    Liam Francisco
  • Ian ReedersIan Reeders Member Posts: 14
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    I have been trying for years to get hosted to work on 3 versions of samsung tablets, a samsung s3 phone and now a Sony Z5 Compact phone, to no avail. Have tried multiple browsers, multiple keyboards, multiple versions of Android, currently the latest. It just does not work. The keyboard does not come up when entering a password to open a company file. The posts about this have been going on also for years. Reckon need to fix this asap or remove their claim on the server login screen thaf Hosted runs on mobile devices. If nothing is done soon I will begin publicly recommending users do not use Reckon Hosted but instead use MYOB. Just remember the power of social media.
  • Ian ReedersIan Reeders Member Posts: 14
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    So Rav, as this problem has been hanging around for a long time, what is the answer?
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