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I am using Reckon Hosted 2016 on Windows 10. Our download internet speed is 1.22, which is slow but I've been able to operate in spite of this. For the past few months the programme has been extremely slow to open. I can login but when it gets to the screen with the company name and programme identity at the top there is always the comment  'Not responding'. I can actually walk away and put the kettle on whilst waiting for this part of the programme to open. Once open I can do invoices and print them so long as I save them first, I can enter bills but when I try to record payment of a bill I have the same waiting problem. My son checked the processor through the Task Manager window and watched the graph during one of these waiting periods. The processor doesn't seem to be very busy and the graph shows spikes as though a conversation is having problems reaching its intended destination.
I tried using my husband's computer which is using Windows 7, just in case Windows 10 was the problem. However we have the same problems. Since  the BAS needs to be done, I'm now starting to worry about not being able to complete entries. Does anyone know what the problem could be. I recently paid 2 different IT people. One of them wanted me to buy a portable 4G modem to fix the internet speed and the other simply told me to buy a new computer. I don't think either will solve the problem. I would really appreciate any advice please.


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    Suggest you do a backup with Full Verification as this may improve the speed in opening Reckon Accounts
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    Hi Lyn  My only comment would be that with an internet speed of only 1.2 you would be really struggling to do anything at all (and that comes from experience).  The option of a 4G portable modem could be worth looking at, but you would first want to know if your internet speed is any better with such an option.  So, get that IT person to do a demonstration of the speed capacity at your location.  Your landline speed will become slower the further you are away from the telephone exchange, but 4G could be significantly better if you are near a tower.
    John L G
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    Thankyou to the two Johns. The verification definitely helped. With regard the internet, we are 5 kms from the exchange, so we've had problems with phones etc for ages. The NBN is coming past our property but we're not sure when it will be available to us. The node for that is 100m away so we should see a big improvement eventually. Maybe we should try the 4G though. I know someone within 100m of me who has switched to  Vivid wireless and her speed has improved a lot. Hopefully the same would be the case for us.
    Once again thank you for your input.
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