For Hosted, what industry is best to choose for a SAAS or subscription based business?

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I went through the interview process with the end result being a very limited chart of accounts list - not even a Cash at Bank acc. At this stage I have to build it from scratch. Any pointers to make this process more efficient would be appreciated.


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    Can you elaborate more ? Do you have subscription based business , RAH has a huge list of COA and Cash at Bank ??
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    I have a subscription based business, all prepaid sales. most are monthly with a percentage of prepaid 3, 6 12 mth sales that I want to account the revenue/profit for correctly by using unearned revenue.

    I understand RAH has a pretty big chart of accounts but the interview process didn't seem to get me close to my business industry. the cash at bank was merely a reference to me finding no bank account listing in the chart of accounts once I'd gone through the interview process....or maybe that has to be created from scratch anyway?

    any pointers are very appreciated
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    if you wish to chat with me over phone , call me  on  02 95411338, or 0407068942
    thanks.  We have done  work on subscription and direct debit based businesss
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