Having Trouble Using Android Copy & Paste using clipboard

NigelNigel Member Posts: 4
edited October 2018 in Accounts Hosted
Using the latest version of Reckon Accounts Hosted and can't seem to copy and paste using clipboard on my Android Tablet using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as the option does not appear to be available like on Windows 10


  • Cathi PCathi P Member Posts: 23
    edited October 2018
    Sorry Nigel, I don't have any solution for you. Just wanted to add that I had the same issue on my Pixel C running the latest OS. I was also accessing through Chrome browser and there was no clipboard icon there in order to be able to copy text into the browser.
  • NigelNigel Member Posts: 4
    edited February 2017
    It's frustrating as copy and paste is a must have feature I think I won't be renewing my Reckon Accounts Hosted. Will be looking at Reckon One or might even switch to Xero as that seems to have a lot of useful 3rd party apps and add ons
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