Freeze screen and logging out when sending estimate/quote through create estimates

Jim SmithJim Smith Member Posts: 18
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I have recently switched to invoicing through reckon hosted, have set up my invoice templates and everything is working fine.  So I decided to try my quotes through the create estimates section.  I set up my templates very similar to how I did my invoices.  If I click print preview on the top right, it starts to compile a report of around 1300 pages.  If I cancel this the screen will freeze and windows will say reckon not responding.  If I leave it it takes 3 minutes to compile a report and then does nothing, as soon as I click anywhere, the screen will freeze and I will have to close and log back into reckon hosted.
This also happens when I try to email the quote, if I go to send batch, I goes to the logging on screen and does nothing, If I Click any where else, reckon crashes again.
So I tried to send and invoice, in create invoices, just like I would in estimates, and everything works fine.
I have been trying this for 4 days now, still can send off original quote, had to type it up in MS word again to send.
Any Idea, because I am stumped


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,942 Administrator
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    Hi Jim,

    It could be a corrupt template causing this

    Are you able to change the template and try it again to see if the issue persists?

    Let me know how you get on

  • Jim SmithJim Smith Member Posts: 18
    edited March 2017
    Thanks, deleted all my templates that I did, started again, it works
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