Can't print from Accounts Hosted



  • Shayne McNamaraShayne McNamara Member Posts: 51
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    We have a partial workaround and are emailing the invoices to ourselves and then printing from the attached PDF but this only works if you can bring up the email dialog to allow you to change this.  Sometimes if you select email it just sends an email

    For most companies we have these set with a BCC to ourselves anyway but a couple we don'g.  Hope this helps others
  • JERJER Member Posts: 16
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    Hi ,

    I cannot print to my local printer either.  Under Print Reports/Settings the Printer circle is checked but the selection box is greyed out.  In the greyed out box is "Reckon printer (redirected 60) on TS003".  When I go into Options, I get Factory defaults for ecoSAMRT settings. I  cannot print anything.

  • Sean CresswellSean Cresswell Member Posts: 32
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    Hi there JER,

    You'll have to use the "Email" [to yourself] function to get either an Excel or PDF file of your report[s] for now.
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,871 Administrator
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    Hi guys,

    Just checking in,

    We're making progress on the issue and I should have a clearer picture on it and more info coming up shortly.

    Thanks heaps of bearing with us, and apologies again for all the hassle this morning!

    Stay tuned.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,871 Administrator
    edited March 2017
    Sorry everyone, it's taking a little longer to get a firm update and ETA than I anticipated. 

    Hang in there, we're still on this. 
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,871 Administrator
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    Hi again everyone,

    I'm really sorry it's taken longer than expected but I'm pleased to advise this issue should now be resolved.

    You'll need to end the active session(s) via the Hosted control panel and then logout of Hosted.

    Once that is complete, open a new browser, log back into Hosted and retry printing.

    If you continue to have any trouble please let me know

    Thank you all for your patience and apologies again for the frustration caused today.
  • jacquelinejacqueline Member Posts: 9
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    yes, that works. still have mouse issues
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