Unable to Edit customer/job info (like address details)

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We're still logging into RAH 2016, but just today we're unable to EDIT existing Customer/Job info (Eg, correct spelling in customer delivery address, etc)

The changes are accepted by the using Edit function but when we OK to save & exit, all reverts back to previous info.

We are also unable to print today but this has been described by others on a different thread & is being looked into.



  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,942 Administrator
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    Hi Theresa, 

    Is this still occurring for you?

    If so, I'd try re-sorting your names list, the process is outlined below

    Re-sort the Name List
    1. Close any application running on the computer

    2. If you currently have Reckon Accounts open, exit/close the software and re-open Reckon Accounts and select the data file you wish to perform the verify and rebuild.

    3. Open the Write Cheques window (go to Banking menu > Write Cheques or press CTRL-W)

    4. Click in the Pay to the Order of field on the cheque form so that the cursor is flashing

    5. Press CTRL-L to open the Name List

    6. Click on the Name button in the bottom left corner and select Re-Sort List. When asked if you really want to return the list to its original order, click OK

    7. Close the Name list and the Write cheques window.

    8. Go to the List menu and select the Chart of Accounts

    9. Click on the Accounts button and re-sort the list as above.

    10. Close the list

    11. Repeat this process with the remainder of the list menu, including Customer and Supplier Profile Lists sub-menu. Empty lists will not have the Re-sort option. In Reckon Accounts non-empty lists that don’t have the re-sort option can be re-sorted by selecting Re-sort from the View menu.
  • Theresa DonnellyTheresa Donnelly Member Posts: 6
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    Thanks Rav,

    I am still finding some edits to Customer/Job info are accepted while others are not. The most problematic is the delivery address window. Sometimes un-ticking 'use as default' setting & re-ticking after editing (but before OK to save & exit) works for delivery address edits. Have not worked out the pattern yet.

    Not sure about re-sorting the names list. Our customer list is sorted into areas & categories, so I would not want it to all revert to alphabetical. Is that what a re-sort would do?

    We like the easier copy/paste & some of the other UI changes that have been added/changed recently.

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