I am changing over from QB09 to Reckon one

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I am changing over from QB09 to Reckon one, and have run into a problem. Many of my customers have not paid their invoices for the last BAS quarter, and now as I am starting to receive their payments I can't seem to enter them into reckon unless there is a matching invoice, which I can't create, as one already exists in QB09,some of the outstanding payments will go back a few months. How do I enter their payments when I receive them into reckon with out having to have customer credits. Thanks for any help Tony


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    Hi Tony

    You should be able to deposit these funds just as a sales income and not receipt against and invoice.  When receipting the payments instead of allocating it hit the 'new' tab and receipt to income account.

    You will need to keep separate records of your outstanding accounts.

    I hope this helps.


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    Hi Lynda,
    Thanks heaps, it worked, when I first tried it I thought I had to enter an item in the blank field, thus creating an invoice, but once I tabbed over it to the next field it all worked.
    Again thanks for your help. I'll continue my trial period and see if I hit any more little snags.

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