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I recently posted a question about using a different PDF program as default, but I had an issue with that and I could not find how to adjust it, so I decided to go back to Adobe as it seems to be the all round default program.

So after I changed back to adobe as default and restarted my browser, back into Reckon, I can view my invoices/statements before printing, but when I click on print, it opens up as an untitled blank page as it did with Foxit. I just logged out of Reckon and my browser again and logged back in, it seems that I have the ability to view & print again (but whether it will stay like that).

New problem - when I view the PDF invoice or statement, as soon as I hit print it goes to a new tab to print as usual, but now when I reopen my Reckon Hosted account page tab at the top, it's just a blank black page, my account page has just disappeared and again I have to leave and log back in.  So how do I get around THAT problem now?


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    Hi Priscilla,

    Sorry we did not get back to your earlier.  

    Hosted generates its own printing solution independent of your PDF printers on your PC.  You can use any PDF programme you like, but Hosted will always print to a PDF window from where you can connect to your printer to print.  

    If you are having printing problems with Hosted they will be browser related problems - clearing the cache, reducing security levels or using another browser may resolve the issue..  if problems persist please call Technical Support for direct help.  


  • Priscilla OgnenisPriscilla Ognenis Member Posts: 104
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    I have just found that if I click on the little red icon on the blank page that it brings my account back into view, but I'm sure I didn't have to do that previously as my account page that was on the screen previously at time of print never disappeared like it does now.
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