pay run help ! i have run a payrun but the money isnt leaving my bank account and staff haven't been

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i am trying to do a pay run for the first time but its getting the better of me 


  • Simon HutchinsonSimon Hutchinson Reckon Staff Posts: 155
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    Hi Rowina,

    When you say the money has not left your bank account, you mean within the software correct?

    At the current time in the payroll module you need to once a pay run is completed, finalise the payments in the make payments function of the software.

    To do this open the software, click Day to Day and then Make Payments under the Money Out section.

    Once this window opens, click Add to begin a new payment.

    Once the Make Payment screen opens, in the Payable Type drop down select Payroll Payables.

    And then in the contacts drop down select the relevant employee (you will need to do this for each employee individually)

    In the Allocate Tab down below you will see their pay run. Select the bank account in the bank account dropdown box and enter the other information if required before clicking save and close (or if you have more than one employee to pay select save)

    Once this is done you can finalise the bank payments in the bank payments screen. To get there go to the left hand menu of Reckon One and select Banking and then Bank Payments.

    Please note that in a future release of the product there will be an option to automate the make payments function to allow you to complete this function quicker

    Hope this helps

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