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I had a family member do my book keeping who has since fallen sick so i am taking over. The company was registered in september 2015 and no bas statements have been loged. My accountant is waiting for me to send them all the required infomation and an updated company file. Half my bank transactions / reconsiliations were hand entered and half i did by importing the data. To me it all looks very messy and i think i have duplicated some ect. 1) want to set the programme back to 'factory" settings so i can set it up how i want to. 2) I want to keep my invoices How can i do this? But set everything else back to the beginning? 3) then import my bankstatmets and reconsile them from the start Thanks in advance


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    Hi Jasmine. 

    Firstly it's a great idea to get some one on one training, the cost to your business is likely to cover itself very quickly in greater efficiency.  Most people on here who show as a partner (myself included) would be happy to provide this help remotely, and if you want someone physically at your side, you could post a request on here or look on the Reckon website for a local support person.

    Perhaps I am over simplifying matters but here is my suggestion anyway:  Rather than starting a brand new file - it's a good idea to look at concrete information and a PDF bank statement is the most concrete of all.
    1. Reconcile everything to the bank (it's easy to undo bank statements and start those from the beginning).
    2. Sort each bank register by cleared status.  Have a close look at uncleared transactions in the register (most of these are likely to be duplicates), and VOID them if they have not gone through the bank (or change the bank account to the next account you're going to reconcile).   Unless of course cash or alternative payment methods have been used, in which case you have another job to do, reconciling those!
    Once you've got that done, post your next question or book someone to come and help.  Often we need to break down the big scary job into smaller chunks, then the next step becomes clear.

    Good luck.

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    Good sound advice -  for many this simple ROI-or a great rule of thumb - measure, when evaluating cost the ." to your business" of engaging a suitably accredited partner and  YES it is likely to cover itself very quickly in greater efficiency.

    Use a Reckon Advisor like me @ PBi_ReckonConnect Partner or Jasmin, The difference in support may surprise you! 

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    Thanks for your help. I would like your help can you please advice how i do this
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    Thanks for your reply
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    Hi Jasmine. Please email me on [email protected] with your phone number and I'll call you tomorrow. I've been working with this product for over 20 years and supported clients in many industries so I'm sure we can find a solution for you.
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