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Kerrie HKerrie H Member Posts: 139
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I have sent the same email to myself 3 times this morning and it doesn't appear to be working.  Do we have a problem Reckon?  Need to know now before I send to many more.


  • ZappyZappy Accredited Partner Posts: 4,428 ✭✭✭
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    Mine is definitely working. Kevin t:0407744914
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,785 Administrator
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    Good morning Kerrie,

    I just logged in to test, created a dummy invoice and emailed to myself which I received successfully a few seconds later. 

    Can you please end the active session via the Hosted control panel and then try again?
  • Kerrie HKerrie H Member Posts: 139
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    Thank you Kevin, just tried it for the 4th time and this time it worked.  Doesn't give me much confidence that it works every time as our customers often state they haven't received emails!
  • Leah KiemLeah Kiem Member Posts: 1
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    I'm having the same issue. I've only been using ReckonOne for a short time, but about one third of my estimates/invoices are not received (to make it more confusing, some emails that are 'processing' are received, others that are 'sent' are not). I now Bcc to myself, check with the client, and resend from my email.

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