can i redo a bank reconciliation

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I am using Reckon hosted 2016. I have noticed that transactions from 3 months ago don't appear to be reconciled. When i look up the previous reconciliation report it isn't showing the transactions. The bank balance has balanced so I'm not sure why it's not showing up. So my question is, can I delete that reconciliation and redo it. I don't want to have to undo the last 3 months. 


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    Hi Kelly,

    Thank you for your query.

    Unfortunately, the only way to reconcile these transactions again is undoing the previous reconciliations.

    We would recommend backing up your file before you complete this.

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    Luke that isnt correct. You can redo the bank recon without undoing thwm all.
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    Kelly yes this is possible its a bit tedious. You first have to find out whcich bank rec is incorrect. You can run the bank recon reports and go back one at a time until you find out when it was last in balance. Tberes more but that will do for a start. Call me any time to discuss. Kevin t:0407744914
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