modifying a inventory status by item report

Kylie AustinKylie Austin Member Posts: 15
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I am wanting to modifying an "inventory status by item" report. using Accounts Hosted 2017
Quantities are in the report at this stage.
I am wanting to look at a specific range, so click modify, then item, then scroll to find the main item heading I would like, there are about 50 line items under this.
The report filters, then all the quantities (on hand / on sales order/  on purchase order etc) all show a 0. What am I doing wrong? is there a better report that i can be using?


  • ShaneShane Reckon Staff Posts: 560
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    Hi Kylie,

    The solution to this is that when you are filtering, on the item filter don't choose the header item, choose "Multiple Items" and then tick off the header item, and each of its sub items.  This way they can retain the quantity on hand.



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