(Easy Solution) Unable to login to company file in Hosted: Error – User already logged-in, please tr

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You get this error due to following reasons -

1)      If someone is logged in to the company file with your username (ask him to log-off and retry).


2)      If you are putting wrong username-password (they are case sensitive). Make sure you are putting it with correct Upper and lowercase.



3)      If you have multiple sessions running at same time (technically just one hosted session should be running and not more than 1). To remove multiple sessions:-


a)      Log-in to Hosted, and it takes you to ‘Launch Accounts’ and ‘Control Panel’.

b)      Click on ‘Control Panel’. In Products Tab:  below ‘System Maintenance’ click on ‘Log-off Remote Sessions’.

c)       Now on Right side of the page you can see all the sessions currently running for your User-Id.

d)      Simply click ‘Log-off User’ for all sessions until there remains none. After ending all sessions, try again.


4)      If you still get the same error “User already logged-in” then it’s possible that the person with whom you shared company file, is logged in with your username (ask him to log-off and retry). Kindly note, if you share your company file in hosted with someone, then create another username-password for him, so that both of you can work on same file at same time.


5)      If your username is not “admin” then ask your admin to reset your username-password and retry. If your username is “admin” and you forgot your password, then contact Reckon tech-support team to reset your password.


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