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How do I get lump sum super payments (additional super) to show on the payment summaries.  I have both lump sum and also an employee who receives 15% super and on my current payment summaries it is not showing.

I looked to change the super type in the payroll item to CA or EA as noted in a previous post however this option is not available to me in the payroll item set up.



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    Hi Fern.  It seems like you might be trying to do something which is not necessary.   The only superannuation item that shows on payment summaries is salary sacrifice super because it has been treated as a pre-tax deduction - in other words it has affected the reported earnings of the employee.  
    Once a type of super has been entered in the set-up process, there is no ability to change the type.  Instead, you would have to create a new item.
    John L G
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    Fern.  You would need to set up another Super item to cater for the extra.  My further research just now would indicate that your understanding seems to be correct.  You would set this up as EA - the Reckon help menu says that EA goes to the RESC label on payment summaries.  To overcome your problem for the current year, try something like the following:
    1.  Create the new EA type super payroll item
    2.  (This is subject to conditions)  Go back, pay by pay and reduce sufficient SGC values, changing them to the EA item (making sure that the overall super total remains unchanged), until such time as you get the correct amount under EA.  HOWEVER, doing this may achieve what you want to do, but it could also affect how you have reported the EA to the super fund.  If you have been correctly reporting as Employer Additional, there should not be any problems, but if not, you then have two problems and you would need to inform the Super Fund of any variations required to previously submitted returns.
    I will leave it at that because it starts to get a bit complicated from here, depending on your circumstances.
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    Perfect thanks John... I will try this as it is reporting to a self managed fund anyway so that it all in order.  Appreciate your help.
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    Can i have some assistance, the reportable superannuation amount is not showing on the PAYG summaries. The employee is set up with SA contributions. How do i get the amount to print on the summary?
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    Hi Debbie
    This knowledge base post should be able to fix your problem.  The error is caused by a corrupted entry and could involve a number of pays or a number of people in the same pay.  I usually have at least one each year to correct:
    This solution helped a number of people yesterday.
    John L G
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