How do I fix SGA Paid amounts discrepancies?

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When I printed an Employer SGA contributions report for last financial year some amounts were showing zero in the amounts paid.  I then checked liability balances & nothing is outstanding.  When I clicked on the liability cheques involved they are showing no history.  I have verified & rebuilt my file as suggested in a previous post but it did nothing.  The only way I have been able to fix them is to cancel the liability cheque & redo it.  This is OK for the most recent entries but not for the earlier ones that have been reconciled.  Does anyone have another solution to this issue?


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    Hi Julie.  Very interesting.  I never run this report, but did so tonight.  I found the same problem for October, November and June for a Hosted Company.  I know that in each case that all super has been paid.  
    I then did another check on a desktop company and found the problem even worse as 8 months out of 12 were not reporting correctly.  As part of upgrades over the past month I have run at least 5 rebuilds and another one just now.  Nothing has changed.  I have come to the conclusion that this report is not capable of producing a proper result..  The Knowledge  Base item really only relates to problems with RESC and the thought of having to refresh the pays of every staff member over many months is not something that I am going to entertain.   As I know that all Super has been paid, I know that there is no monetary issue with this problem.  I am going to forget about this report as I regard it as totally useless.  Hopefully somebody at Reckon will read this and investigate.
    John L G
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