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Update 2017 Backup

Kerrie ScottKerrie Scott Member Posts: 4
edited April 2019 in Accounts Hosted
Hi, We started the back up this morning at 9.00am and it is still running and we have not been able to access QB all day.  It has sat on 99% for well over an hour.  Is this normal?  


  • Kerrie ScottKerrie Scott Member Posts: 4
    edited July 2017
    We did set it to go last Friday night over the weekend, but we could not find the file today.  We are assuming it must have fallen over at some point and we didnt know.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,726 Administrator
    edited July 2017
    Hi Kerrie,

    How long do your backups usually take to complete?
    Depending on your file size, backups can take quite some time to complete.

    Although I wouldn't recommend doing this now seeing as you've invested a lot of time into the backup already, I'd recommend checking out the file fragments and TLG file -
    How to improve the performance of your company file
  • Kerrie ScottKerrie Scott Member Posts: 4
    edited July 2017
    Unfortunately Im not sure how long they take as I wasn't here for the last one and others here don't know.  We do have a large customer database with transactions.   I ran a back up Friday night but I couldn't find the file when I came in.  (I wanted to make sure that it had worked)  But it has sat on 99% for nearly 2 hours now.
  • Cyndy AllisonCyndy Allison Member Posts: 7
    edited April 2019
    We are having the same issues and have had no QB all day - after 3 hours plus and a long time on the phone to Reckon we got my boss' upgraded, but it wouldn't transition to other users even though my boss is the administrator. So since 11.15 this morning we have tried to upgrade my user access, and even with 1 hour on the phone to Reckon, we are on 99% and have been for nearly an hour!

  • Cyndy AllisonCyndy Allison Member Posts: 7
    edited July 2017
    we have finally had to escape after 2 hours on 99% so that my boss can use his access to get some work done and the monthly statements out! so I have absolutely no access ..... and he is on the phone again to Reckon. The whole upgrade process is useless ... we didn't need to update as there is no change to the tax tables for us!

  • Broni K BeerlingBroni K Beerling Member Posts: 43
    edited July 2017
    this is absolutely ridiculous - for 3 days we have tried to change over to 2017 and we still cant back up.... we started our file this FY so it CAN NOT BE TOO BIG!!!!!! what is Reckon doing about this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,289 ✭✭
    edited July 2017
    Hi Cyndy, Brony,

    I'm sorry to hear you are having these issues upgrading.  Generally there have not been widespread reports of the behaviour you are experiencing to suggest there is an issue on the hosted network.

    Before attempting the upgrade again rename the .TLG file.  You'll need to go to File > Open or Restore a company file > Open a company file, and if needed, select your shared directory.  Now in the File of type field, change to All files (*.*).  

    Scroll down and highlight with a right click your company file's accompanying .TLG file and note its size.  If it is more than 10% of your company file size then it is most likely contributing to the slowness of the upgrade.  Press the F2 key and add .old to the file name and click away from it.  Accept Yes to save the new file name.  


    When you open this company file a new TLG file with no data and next to zero file size will be created.

    Now try your upgrade again.  

    Hope this helps.


  • Cyndy AllisonCyndy Allison Member Posts: 7
    edited April 2019
    John on Friday we got reckon support on our 3rd lengthy phone contact to upgrade both our licences remotely while my boss was online late in the day. We had done the upgrade under instruction from tech support in the phone in the morning after hours waiting for backups to complete but weren't advised to save .tlg as a different name which is why we lost that access. Even so when i called i was taken through a different process which then killed off the upgrade done earlier. Which ended up not being retrievable as we didn't have the renamed .tlg file. All the way we followed what we were told on the phone stage by stage but it all still fell over. If there had been some changes to the tax tables perhaps this mess would have been warranted but no change to the tables meant we didn't need the upgrade urgently at 1 July as lead to believe. I hope all works for my boss today and for meet tonight. Cheers Cyndy
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