Payroll query: What is the logic behind a 7.6 hour working day?

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Hi all,

This must have been asked before. Can someone please remind me how we arrive at a 38 hour working week?

We are not on any award; we are just administrative staff working 9am-5pm in an office.

Many thanks


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    When I worked in the public service the hours of work were 8 hours and on one day per month there was a rostered day off. The paid week was for 38 hours, so the accumulated time was taken as a day off - if that makes sense. This thinking seems to be behind the 38 hours week - others may have a more scientific answer.
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    38hours per week is in the National Employment Standards... the NES... and if you are admin staff in an office then you are probably covered by the Clerks - Private Sector Award...
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    8 hours per day x 5 days = 40 hour week, as per the NES and depending on the award anything over 38 hours is to be paid as overtime or hence 0.4 each day towards RDO each month.
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    Further to Kerrie's comments - if a person is on a salary and works 40hrs - then the extra 2 hrs is often considered to be "reasonable overtime" and so is not paid as overtime if "reasonable overtime" is included in their employment contract as being covered by their salary...
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    Linda Im going to need an authority for that
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    For those who work 40hrs and have a roster day off, the roster day is not paid at overtime, it is paid at ordinary time.

    the awards are now 38hrs at the calculated rate, if you pay the extra 2 hrs per week instead of the roster day it works the same.  You pay 40hrs at the 38hr rate, this works out the same as having a paid roster day off.
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