Trying to email payment summaries - nothing to select in Send Forms list

Merryn DaviesMerryn Davies Member Posts: 1
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I phoned Reckon, and they told me to go to File, Send Forms, Close - and continue doing this for maybe 60 times.  I still have nothing to select from.  Anyone have any ideas please?


  • Victoria WilkinsonVictoria Wilkinson Member Posts: 1
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    You need to go into each employee and make sure they are set up to receive payslips by both print and email.  If it is only set to print, which is default, it won't come up in the email list.  It's in the address and contact tab next to the where you put the email address in.

  • Deborah SoelaimanDeborah Soelaiman Member Posts: 25
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    Hi Merryn,

    I have the same issue. Below link is how to fix it. But I have tried to click File, Send Forms, Close more than 1,000 times (yes, more than one thousand times) but still nothing to send.

    I reckon it depends on how many staff you are to send. If you have over 100, then you might need to click more. I have over 700+ to send :(

    Update: The problem is now fixed, after i clicked File > Send Forms > ESC more than 3,000 times. Good luck!
  • Glenda QualischefskiGlenda Qualischefski Member Posts: 2
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    Surely Accounts Hosted must be able to give an easier solution. I have tried 500 times and still no fix.
  • Rhiannon Claire-AnneRhiannon Claire-Anne Member Posts: 4
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    Hi All,

    We seem to be having the same issue with emailing out statements. We have tried to generate them in multiple currencies but still have the same issue as described above. 

    Is there a folder in the program files which holds the generated forms to be sent out? That way the corrupted form could be removed there instead of clicking File > Send File > ESC 3000+ times.

    (Using Reckon Accounts Premier 2016).

    Thank you
  • LukeLuke Reckon Staff Posts: 281
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    Hi Rhiannon,

    Unfortunately not.

    If you don't want to fix this issue manually, you could download a 3rd party PDF printer and print the statements to this printer which will create a PDF for you. Then you can attach it to an email.

  • Deborah SoelaimanDeborah Soelaiman Member Posts: 25
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    Hi Rhiannon,

    You can ask Reckon to fix the issue, but mind you it will take longer times and you cannot access Reckon while they are fixing it.

    The previous year we asked Reckon to fix, it took 2 days for them. This year I fixed myself it took me 6 hours.

    Good luck.
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