PAYG withheld total at W2 on simplified BAS differs from the amount on all other reports (Tax Liabil

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Hi all, The PAYG withheld total at W2 on simplified BAS is more than the amount on all other reports (Tax Liability, Payroll Totals, Payroll Liability). I have been using Reckon Hosted for 3 years & this is the first time the figures haven't tallied. I have checked everything I can think of. Any ideas?


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    Mary.  Have a look at the actual Payroll Liability account within Reckon and see if there are entries there which shouldn't be there.  The BAS draws its figure from that account and not from anywhere else.
    John L G
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    Hi Mary

    As John has said above... check this account, the usual culprit is the actual BAS/IAS itself when entered in Reckon for payment.  After you pull out a BAS or IAS you  must enter the transaction in the same qtr or mth or it will affect the figures in the month you entered it.
    i.e  Mar BAS, enter 31Mar, if you enter in April it will alter the figures on your Apr IAS, because the March PAYG is entered in the PAYG account in April, and the  BAS will pick up on this.
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