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I am doing an estimate in US$, i use inventory and have a lot of grouped items. When i create the estimate the grouped items show the rate in AUD converted at the exchange rate at the bottom of the estimate, but the total is in US$.
All items that are only inventory parts show correctly with rate in USD and total in USD.
Here is an example of the problem:

Item                     Description                                    QTY      Rate         Total
Group Item A       Group Item A Descripton                1      269.92         199.79
Inventory Part B   Inventory Part B                              1      203.50         203.50

The exchange rate at the bottom of the estimate is 1.351

On screen the rates in the group items are correct, it is only when i preview or print the quote that it is incorrect.

On a side note, if i create a customer that uses another currency other than AUD, the setup will not let me choose a tax code (EXP) to use in estimates and invoices, so i have to change this on every line manually.

I use Reckon Accounts Hosted.


  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,288 ✭✭
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    Hello Robyn,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    An Australian Dollar amount for your group items will be published if you include a quantity for the Group.  If you leave the Group Item quantity blank and enter the quantity for each item in the group the issue will not arise.

    Selecting a foreign country for a customer greys out the Tax Rego ID and Tax Code fields.  Its a good idea to have the Tax code set as EXP as that is the requirement.  I have entered it on our ideas list.  

  • Robyn PoldmaaRobyn Poldmaa Member Posts: 4
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    Hi John,

    We don't print each item in a group on our estimates and tax invoices because we don't want to show individual costing for each item. So if i do not put in a quantity for the group the client will not know how many complete units they are getting/billed for.

    We have already modified our tax invoice for our AUD clients because the GST code does not display on group items.

    Are you able to fix this problem so the rate is just the total of each item?



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