Multi currency accounts don't balance since upgrade to 2017

Kellie CockerellKellie Cockerell Member Posts: 25
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Back in May we upgraded from QB Premier 2010 to 2017, since then our JPY & USD accounts don't balance to the bank statements.  To me it looks like all the home currency adjustments (NZD) done for exchange loss/gain has altered the JPY/USD balance where as they should be showing as zero in the register as they were in 2010 file but not the 2017 file. They are all ticked as home currency adjustment.  Support has been unable to rectify or offer a solution.  Anyone else had any issues like this?  As these accounts have been going since 2008 I ideally don't want to be deleting & re entering.  Is there another to adjust these accounts?  Thanks

2017 Register

2010 Register

Sorry screen shots a bit blurry but you can see what I mean hopefully


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    Hello Kellie,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Please refer to this article.  Does it apply to your circumstances and does it offer a solution?

  • Kellie CockerellKellie Cockerell Member Posts: 25
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    Thank you thank you thank you!!  That worked.  All balanced.
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