how do i record a payment to the ato that consists of payroll tax and gst

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I create a custom payment through payroll liabilities and tick tax, but when I go to the expenses tab to add in withheld and paid to tax office, and to add another line for the gst instalment, I get a warning pop up that says I should make the payment through payroll liabilities, and takes me back to the same screen again.


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    Hi Bernie,

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    Unfortunately you will need to pay them in two seperate transactions, to pay for payg tax you will need to go to Create Custom Liability Payments.

    To pay your normal GST tax, please go to Suppliers > Tax Activities > Pay Tax.



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    Hi Bernie

    When you create the liability cheque, it should automatically place an amount on the Payroll Liabilities Tab.

    Move to the Expenses Tab and add in the GST component using Tax Payable account.  Just ignore the message that comes up.

    Press the recalculate button at the bottom of the screen to recalculate the total cheque amount then record.

    In summary, the PAYG amount should be on the Payroll Liabilities Tax and the GST should be against Tax Payable on the expenses tab


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    Hi Bernie, I have always entered my tax payments the way you suggest, but the total amount at the top of the expenses tab reverts back to zero after I save the payment and it doesn't deduct any amounts of the total amount owing in my tax liability accounts. What should I do? Regards Sheryl
  • Loretta Wisdom-ZagonLoretta Wisdom-Zagon Member Posts: 9
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    Hi Graham,
    I've been attempting to pay the PAYG through Create Custom Liability Payments but 1.  I cannot find the payment when I reconcile my bank account through which I applied the payment to come out of.
    2.  Like Sheryl's above comment my payment doesn't appear to be deducted from total amount owing.   Your comments would help.  Thanks
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    Hi Hoang,

    my business has a carried forward payment plan to the ATO, should I just record it under expenses?
    thanks in advance
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