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Hi everyone... I am a new user to Reckon and am currently setting up the payroll. It appears that when entering hours worked Reckon recalculates into minutes per hour worked eg 8.5 hours Reckon converting to 8.3 hours, 8.75 hours recalculating to 8.45 hour etc etc. Any ideas how to change this? Thanks Melissa


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    If you look under the Preferences under the Edit menu there is an option to change it from decimals to minutes.
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    Hi Kevin.  We are 2 months into using payroll.  Changing this will it automatically update the leave accruals etc?
    Also if we reprint past payslips would they print with hours and minutes or will they convert to hundreths of an hour?
    We did not think we could change this and have to keep explaining to staff that it is working in hours and minutes as opposed to their timecards which are in hundreths.
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