Problem with "split" function.

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I use Reckon Accounts Home and Business 2016. When I enter a transaction the program often automatically "splits" the transaction when I don't want this function to occur. I don't know how to correct this quirk. Greg. NB  I did try reloading the program.


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    When you say Automatically do you have to tab through that part. After you load the amount click red X in the next line and it will ask if you want to clean the splits and then select the correct Category. Reckon remembers the last Category or Split.
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    There are settings in the register that automatically open the split window.  PS remember for a transaction amount to appear on the BAS report it needs to have a tax code assigned to the transaction.

    Hope that helps?

    Regards, Robyn Kelly

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    Dear Robyn,

    Your reply  very nicely takes care of my problem. Thank you very much. Also thank you to everyone who took an interest in my query. Greg.

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