PLEASE HELP. I have spent months inputting transactions after my father passed away

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PLEASE HELP. I have spent months inputting transactions after my father passed away, no one to show me how he was doing it. Apparently I have entered bills through, enter bills, then pay bills but it now looks different and the gst is missing when i did input it. I have handed this over as we are out of time and I am unwell, to my sister whom has been putting in entries through simply write chqs. Apparently this is what my Dad was shown to do by someone he hired for lessons. Is there anyway I can make these the same without deleting everything I have entered?


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    Hi Adele,

    Sorry but its not possible to make a bill and bill payment into a cheque.  If you have created bills with out GST but they were meant to have GST, and then paid them, you would need to delete the payments, edit the bills, add the GST, then pay them again.  Or as you mentioned, delete all the bills and bill payments and re-enter them as cheques.  Probebly the first option is less work.

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    Hi Adele
    Check GST under Company Preferences to make sure set up.  You may need to try and reconcile weekly.  Open Cheque Register and you should see duplicate of one entry i.e Bill Payment and Write Cheque.  Then open transaction and check GST Coding.  
    You can only do one or the other  Enter Bill and then Pay or Write Cheque.   You are doubling up by doing both.   
    The reason for Entering Bills is to show in the Balance Sheet the Creditors that are owed at the end of the month.  This applies to Debtors Also and is helpful at the end of the Financial Year.
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    i created them with gst. it's disappeared?

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    The company is being brought up to date. It's for a farm so don't care about creditors etc, just trying to get the bas etc done and numbers for accountant to lodge tax.
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    Hi Adele, 

    Its possible that it hasn't disappeared. You won't see the GST on the bill payment only on the bill that was paid.  

    Try opening the bill (not the bill payment) and see if the GST is there.   If it is, there is no need to go back and change all of your bills & payments to cheques.  If the bill payment date is correct and the business is reporting on a cash basis (check your last BAS) then your entries should be fine. 

    If the GST is missing, rather than redo every one, talk to a bookkeeper or accountant, they will help you prepare an adjustment to record the necessary GST for the purpose of preparing the BAS. 

    I hope this helps!! 


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