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licence renewal issues

grahamgraham Member Posts: 12
edited October 2017 in Accounts Business Range
Although we have paid our current subscription some 2 weeks ago and on the Reckon website the invoice has been marked as paid and we have received a printed invoice marked PAID we are unable to update our licence details online
Whenever we open up quickbooks we get a message that the licence is about to expire?

How can this annoying deficiency be rectified?

It is not convenient to contact Reckon by phone during business hours


  • KerriKerri Member Posts: 36
    edited October 2017
    Is your internet working as it checks online for your subscription? Also click on File (top left) and see if  you can see a Activation option. Also try click on "Refresh Reckon Accounts Licence" as that might work (with internet on). Kerri

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