Payroll Glitches in Accounts Hosted.

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I have been having a few issues lately including but not limited to:  Not all employees receiving email payslips, printing incorrect leave hours on payslips but leave is correct in system and now approx 7 employees have been taxed up to $40 more than normal.  Any suggestions


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    Hello Lynn,

    Thanks for raising these issues.  3 separate and unrelated problems here.

    Firstly, the excess tax you describe is often related to other payroll items that normally are not taxed, being taxed.  The common one is the Super Guarantee item having PAYG taxes ticked on its configuration when it should not be ticked.  Check other non-standard payroll items you have and ensure their tax treatments are correct.


    Incorrect Leave hours on payslips has emerged as a problem for some files recently and unfortunately our developers have not been able to replicate the issue so are unable to provide any directions of resolving it yet.  We have had users eliminate the problem by creating a new employee record.   

    Finally, some recipients not getting emails is a growing problem around the world as email servers increase security in their fight against spammers.  yahoo, hotmail, outlook and gmail addresses are experiencing the negative affects of this tightening of security screening more than other email domains.  Click here for one brief description of developments.  

    Your emails are being successfully sent from Hosted as only some of your employees are not receiving their emails.  Non-recipients should look locally to resolve this issue.  Firstly, check whether your email has been sent to a Spam, Junk, Trash, Archive, etc, folders.  Use your system's  options to delist your email as spam.

    Check whether your address has been blocked in the background.  For gmail (Look for similar options in other email providers).....

    1. Click the Settings gear (?)
    2. Select Settings from the menu that appears.
    3. Go to the Filters tab.
    4. In the blocked section, check for your email.  Click on unblock to unblock it.
    5. In the filters area check for rules that redirect your email to another box - like Junk or Spam.  Delete the rule.
    Next, go to your email account security and ensure the sender is not being treated as an insecure source.  For gmail, log in to your Gmail Account;
    1. Click the Account picture or avatar at the top right and then My Account;
    2. Click on Sign-in & security and then Apps with account access
    3. In Allow less secure apps, toggle the button to the ON position.
    These actions may still not be enough as the blocking may occur elsewhere - email servers do use universal blocking lists, and if the recipient's email address has been tagged as spam then no email will be delivered to it from that email server.  You can search whether your email domain is on one of these black list on sites like this one..

    Hope this helps.


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