gateway session continually disconnecting

Joe BrothersJoe Brothers Member Posts: 2
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Every few minutes I get the message gateway session closed.  Needless to say its very frustrating.  We are using a wifi network and I have checked the speeds with above average results. Can anyone help?


  • Jay JayJay Jay Reckon Staff Posts: 73
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    Hi Joe, 
    Welcome to Reckon Community. 
    If this drop out happened all the sudden, this could mean a near by WIFI network is using the same channel, you can try to switch your WIFI to another channel and see if this helps. 
    Or you can consider to connect via a physical network cable connection and verify if this is a WIFI issue or a general internet service issue. 
  • ZappyZappy Accredited Partner Posts: 4,428 ✭✭✭
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    Jay Jay that would be my strategy.Joe I think you need to isolate the issue before we can troubleshoot. Can you plug the cable in directly?
  • Bill MallettBill Mallett Member Posts: 1
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    I am connected to the internet and can log into Accounts Hosted, but when I try to Launch I nearly always get the Gateway Session Disconnected message. This has been happening for a week now. What is going to be done about it. My business cannot afford for this to go on any longer.
  • ShakirShakir Alumni Posts: 82
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    Hi Bill, thanks for reaching out to us.

    Apologies for inconvenience caused.

    Please confirm if you have tried deleting browsing histories/temp files, resetting the browser or with different browsers?

    Please confirm the type (Wireless) of internet connection and have you tried in a different network?

    Request you to call tech support(1-300-799150) if above things have been tried so that we can troubleshoot/escalate further for quick resolution.

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