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Reckon One - payroll lite
I am just trying to get super to register within a payrun and therefore show up on the payslip. I think I have set up everything I need to do within super funds and the employee payset up but in the payrun although the employee has definitely earned over $450 for the month it is still showing $0. (my pay is fortnightly). Any ideas what I am missing? Thanksimage.image


  • Umesh Kumar KukrejaUmesh Kumar Kukreja Reckon Staff Posts: 22
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    Hi Jo,

    Thank you for contacting Reckon Community.

    Wishing you a Happy New year.

    Please check the below mentioned knowledge base article. It will help you in setting up your super Item.

    Hope it will work.


    Umesh Kumar Kukreja
  • Jo ArmstrongJo Armstrong Member Posts: 18
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I have checked both of the suggestions in the article but in both cases I had already set everything up correctly so this did not make any difference to the problem. However I added screen shots just in case I am missing anything.image

  • Steven MartinSteven Martin Member Posts: 3
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    I have this same problem and have checked both these items. I am wondering what I have done wrong? Did you ever resolve it?
  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Welcome to the Reckon Community Steven,

    They are the 2 major causes for Super not calculating.

    Make sure that you were checking the super item that was used in the pay - you probably have more than one super item.  Is that particular super item configured to calculate on that particular OTE payroll item?

    The next item to consider is the age of the employee - are they under 18 years of age?  If they are Super will not calculate for them.  Is the correct birth date entered on the Employee's card?

    Also, has the $450.00 threshold been reached?  Remember that it is the Date the pay is Paid to the employee that is the determiner and not the date range the pay was earned.  

    Hope this helps.

  • Steven MartinSteven Martin Member Posts: 3
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    Ah it had no Payroll items selected as default. Well time to redo a bunch of stuff but least I worked out where to sort it.

  • kenl90kenl90 Member Posts: 24
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    None of the above works. When you hover the mouse over the Amount field, it's showing the right amount. When you move the mouse away, it is still showing $0
  • Kelly-Lee JubbKelly-Lee Jubb Member Posts: 1
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    Ken did you get any further with this? The same is happening to me
  • kenl90kenl90 Member Posts: 24
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    Not from Reckon nor from anyone in the community :( ....I had to do a workaround to get this sorted. Went to YTD and put in the SGC amount (manual calculation) for that employee. SGC was calculated in subsequent pay runs. It shouldn't be this way. It didn't happen to other employees. Reckon is ignoring the user community. I don't think my $10 a month subscription is worth their effort
  • kenl90kenl90 Member Posts: 24
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    Reckon has not resolved this. I have another employee who just provided her Super details to me after my 1st pay run of the month. On my 2nd pay run of the month, it's still calculating the SGC but the amount is still showing $0. However, when I hover the mouse over, it's showing the right amount?

    Reckon, I've lodged another support call for this. It's still happening. When will someone look into this? This is quite appalling considering that I've waited for 7 months for a solution

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