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AndreaAndrea Member Posts: 4
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Want to transfer customer balances but it says EOD not completed on all terminals! It is!! although one terminal shows a balance on the terminal status screen. I have checked for on hold transactions, I have processed EOD then closed then posted. Still can not rectify...
Any ideas?



  • Warren AitkenWarren Aitken Member Posts: 10
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    Hi Andrea.
    I had this problem also. I "compacted" the data file from within POS and this fixed the problem (and others). I run the "Compact" process as part of my EOD routine each day. I have had no issues since doing this. Hope this helps...... 
  • Chris McGregorChris McGregor Member Posts: 140
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    Hi Andrea, in addition to warrens comments, there is only one other possibility and that is that you have connect a pot terminal with a different name some time in the past!so it has lept it in the back end. To check this open admin and look at the terminals list, make sure they are all accounted for and if there is an additiona one then creaet a backup then delete the terminal. Regards, Chris
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