Reckon Premier 2015 Backup Issue

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I am assisting a client who has Reckon Accounts Premier 2015 and also POS lite 2015.  The Premier is setup and networked on 5 computers.  POS Lite is on 1 POS terminal and admin on 1 PC.  I have been trying to upgrade them to 2017 versions of both.  During the upgrade process it needs to backup, but the backup does not complete.  The system shows not responding.  I have left it for up to an hour and it usually gets stuck at 1 or 2% but got as far as 29% on one occassion.  I have to ALt Ctrl Del out of Accounts Premier and start it again.  The company file is 1.35Gb in size, so I am presuming this is an issue.  I have also tried a rebuild and the same thing happens.  Can anyone suggest if maybe it is working and I just need to leave it maybe for 4 or 5 hours,  or is there another issue here we need to address.

Currently cannot upgrade to 2017 versions without fixing this issue.


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    The file size could definitely be the issue. My company file is 1.44gb and I have the file on a server and we access through 9 workstations. To do a verify, backup, rebuild etc through the workstations takes me about 6-7 hours and it always appears to be locked up so we leave it over night.

    I found the best way that works for me is to drag the whole company file ( not backup ) onto my notebook and do the rebuild, verify, backup etc directly on single pc. This way it comes back down to about 2 hours even if there is a problem with the file. 

    Rather than do backups through software, I have found it much easier to just copy the whole company file over to a remote backup which only takes 10-15 seconds ( for backup purposes only ).
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    Hi there - agree with Orkun that the size of the file is the issue and sounds like the default setting of Full Verification is turned on in the backup options... you will find that the TLG file is probably also very big...  so yes, you just need to leave it long enough to finish which would be overnight as suggested.... or my alternative suggestion is :
    Create a Portable copy of the file in Reckon 2015.... then Open 2017 Reckon Accounts - choose to Restore the Portable copy of the file you created... you will need to give the file a new name...then when it asks for you to create a backup of the file, click Cancel.. then you can login and say Yes to the upgrade... once this finishes... couple of things BEFORE trying to Open POS Administrator and upgrade the database etc... 1.  make sure you rename the file to the original name so that POS administrator can find it - and that its in the same location.  2.  make sure the very large TLG file is deleted (only try this with the datafile closed!)... you should then be able to open the POS database, do the upgrade (make sure you use the same terminal ID as before) and then all should be well..


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    Thanks for your feedback on this both of you.  I will try them and let you know how it goes.  But it does sound like I need to leave it longer.

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