Save and New functionality illogical

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In the Add contacts area the "Save & New" menu option is not available until the new contact has been saved once. This defeats the he purpose of having the option in the first place. 

So currently you have to hit ADD button to get a new blank contact
Enter the contact info
Press Save
Then once it is saved, pull down the menu to find Save & New.

Please consider changing things so that all three options....

Save & Close
Save & New

...are available on the New contact form - prior to the first Save event.  This would allow for quick data entry.


While waiting for the other bugs in the pulldown lists to be fixed, that are preventing me from using reckonone, I thought I could use the time to enter a list of 200+ contacts from my old accounting package.     It is simply a list of individuals name and business names.

But even this is tedious because, there is no simple import utility and the Save & New function does not work in a sensible manner.


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    Hi Ted,
    Appreciate you bringing this up, its certainly something I can take back to the Reckon One product team for review.

    In regard to transferring your contact lists over, have you checked out our data conversion service? Our free conversion offer covers customer list, supplier list and employees (name and address only). There's more info here on the data conversion service including the inclusions & limitations of our free offer -
  • TedTed Member Posts: 46
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Will have a look at that option.   Will not doubt save time if someone at reckon does it for me.    
    Thnx Ted
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