my account has expired. is there a way to pay online or update payment details.

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Ive been away and come back to account expired.  Can't find anyway to update payment details or pay online? 


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    Hi Aussie,
    If your account has already expired, please give us a buzz on 1300 756 663 and we'll get this sorted for you ASAP
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    Reckon neglected to send us a renewal reminder for two years running.  Both times we suddenly had no access with no prior warning.  After the first time they assured us it wouldn't happen again but it did. Now we have our own reminder system. 
    It's like this BAS Gov Connect problem and no hosted access to online banking.  They just don't seem to care about the time we waste working around things they should do automatically.  And they never apologise for these problems.  
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    Hello paulpage56 .
    What was the reason for your renewals not being delivered?
    Were your contact details up to date?
    Were they being diverted to a spam/junk folder? If so, was the email address added to your Safe Senders list/marked as spam?
    Are you receiving them successfully now?
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    1.      I don’t know why we didn’t receive a renewal. Nor did the person from Reckon who I spoke to. Nor did they seem to care much that we hadn’t received it but were helpful in fast tracking the renewal.

    2.      Yes our contact details were up to date.  I was regularly receiving email propaganda from Reckon about what a great product they say it is, just not this thing we really needed to know. 

    3.      No it wasn’t being delivered to a spam folder – we checked.

    4.      It happened in May 2016 and again in May 2017.  I don’t know if we will receive it successfully in May 2018 so we’ve put in our own reminder system.

    Is there any update on the situation on fixing up the online banking thing and the BAS lodgement failure?  They are both very annoying problems and there doesn’t seem to be any action being taken to fix them up. I just saw the workaround for online banking and it did work the second time I tried it. 

    Paul Page
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