Reckon Accounts Hosted - Request Error (30 January 2018)



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    Hi Darryl.  I have been a critic of what has been happening.  In the very early stages of the change, I called this an unmitigated disaster, but changed my tune as further changes and fixes came to light.  Perhaps, as it has turned out now, I might not be too far wrong.  However, in defence of Rav, I point out that as the Community Manager, he is the poor sucker who takes the flack on behalf of Management, whoever they are - they are the ones who keep silent and don't ever seem to bother to show their faces or proffer any apologies for what is going wrong - will they come public now or just continue to let Rav be the "scapegoat".  I hope they pay Rav very well, because he holds an unenviable position.
    John L G 
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