When will the new Hosted version be back again?

Sara KennedySara Kennedy Member Posts: 15
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I would like to know when the new Hosted version will be out again. The ability to open multiple company files at any one time and the printing direct to the printer was really helpful.


  • Peter DarrellPeter Darrell Member Posts: 18
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    I was impressed with how far the update had gone also with many good editions but the bugs where the let down. My only big issue was the time wasted on fixing the templates (over wright no back up, revert made a mess again) So I would love to know when the next release attempt is for the STABLE version that has been tested for all functions.
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,897 Administrator
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    Hi Sara,

    Glad to hear you liked the new change while it was active. Unfortunately, a few issues did become apparent following the upgrade and the best, most appropriate course of action for us was to rollback Hosted AU users to the previous environment while we review & work out these issues.

    There are no timeframes at all yet about when the new environment will return as we've got a lot of work to do ironing out some of the problems that cropped up and we're only at the start of that right now.

    Once we're ready to go back out with the upgrade, I'll let the Community know :) 

  • Sara KennedySara Kennedy Member Posts: 15
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    Without reading Greg's past grievances on the new version and not wanting to waste my time doing so, I would however like to say that I personally did not encounter any issues with the new version. 

    Maybe the processes and methodology used by others involve older interfaces which is conflicting with the new version but as a user who likes things simplified and the less steps the better, I loved it.  In fact, I applaud the new version for being simpler and more user-friendly. I agree with Peter Darrell, make it stable and bring it back.

    One of the things Reckon has to compete with Quickbooks Intuit is innovation and simplicity and I saw that in the new version.  Was going to buy its shares when that version came out as the exporting to excel was instantaneous without all the mucking around of uploading and downloading... so please bring it back.  Not to mention the multiple company files capability... that must be my favorite thing.

    Thank you for listening.  

    Sara Kennedy
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