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Michael CrocombeMichael Crocombe Member Posts: 17
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is there a process or some way to access the reckon one file.  So I can have an backup.

I am concerned that the data could get compromised at Reckon and there is no ability for a user to have a backup.

Please advise


  • NewUserNewUser Member Posts: 6
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    I beleive you cannot..backup relies on the hosted cloud servers (Amazon)
  • TedTed Member Posts: 46
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    So does this mean there is effectively no way to export our Reckon One data to use it in another product? So effectively Reckon own our data and we have no means to take it and use it elsewhere!  Would not be much good if Reckon ever wound up for some reason.
  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hello Michael, Ted and NewUser,

    Thanks for asking.

    Reckon One is continuously backed up.  The most you will lose on a total failure is the information in the current unsaved document you are working on.  

    If you choose to discontinue your Reckon One subscription your Book remains accessible to you in Read Only mode for 7 years.  

    There is no formal method of backing up your Book to your own storage facility.  You can create a Report for transactions and lists, and export them to a CSV, XLSX, PDF and RTF file formats.  

    Hope this answers your concerns.

  • apolonapolon Member Posts: 1
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    This is a weak point of many cloud offerings. It's not enough to say "we have an amazing backup mechanism". Loss of data may be unlikely but it doesn't mean it won't happen. Then there's the issue of what happens if the cloud service company gets into financial difficulty. All sorts of short-cuts in infrastructure can start happening within companies in that sort of constrained environment which will be invisible to Cloud users.

    I would love to see an option which syncs a representation of account data to a customer defined external cloud storage supplier e.g. dropbox, one-drive, gdrive etc. It would provide a lot of comfort to customers and be a differentiator in comparison to other cloud offerings. The data format could be xml, json or some other text oriented format. I'll log this as a product feature request.

    Unfortunately all cloud services I've brought this request to have responded with a curt dismissal of its importance. It will likely take loss of customer data by a publically visible cloud vendor to have this issue taken seriously. A disgruntled well placed employee could easily wipe out a significant amount of data in both primary and a number of backup storage locations. This is why customer controlled external backup options should be taken seriously as a feature request. I see this as a board level risk management question for any cloud services company.
  • Craig AndersonCraig Anderson Member Posts: 1
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    Also, what happens if you just totally bugger up your accounts or do something human.....  It might be nice to be able to revert to a point in time before that happened.
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