How to run Custom Transaction Detail Report

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I'm using Reckon One. I have the Core and Invoicing modules.
I need to run a report that will show me all transactions in my bank account so I can easily compare them, as the figures don't reconcile and I am trying to find the discrepancy. I have tried doing it on-screen, but not only is it highly unpleasant to do it this way, but it's still not adding up. I want to export the list of transactions and print it out so I can compare the lists side-by-side.
How do I run a report that will give me this? I was told I could run a "custom transaction detail report" but I cannot for the life of me find this option anywhere.


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    Hi Michelle: 
    Will a report like the one below work for you?  It is GL detail for the bank account selected - so enabling all transactions recorded against that account to be checked off against the bank statements.
    The Report may be further customised and readily modified in Excel to show debits and credits in separate columns.  (The image below is derived from the spreadsheet to which the data was exported)
    Go: Reporting > Reports centre > Account Enquiry > and complete fields as required

    Regards ... David

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