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DebbieDebbie Member Posts: 62
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Hi all, can anyone email a pdf invoice out with the 2018 update ?

If so let me know as I cannot do this anymore as of today 

Thanks Debbie


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,332 Community Manager
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    Hi there Debbie,
    Just want to clarify, you've tagged your conversation as Reckon One is that the product you're using?

    Either way, what's happening when you try and send out an email? What error message are you receiving? Is it affecting all emails or just one/few?
  • DebbieDebbie Member Posts: 62
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    No Idea, it was a box to tick, its enterprise, no idea if that is reckonone or not, cant see how it matters, I find this site just as difficult to navigate as getting emails to send, it all worked fine right up until I upgraded to the 2018 and now it doesn't work, I just need the email button to email invoices...

    The V4 PDF converter has been removed and only the V5 is there, but if you go to printer setup its not an option to even use that, I can print to paper, but I don't want that I want an email to PDF and email directly from invoices .... might just go back to 2017 if 2018 can't work I guess

    Cant even email out a statement ... looks like not a lot works for the 2018 upgrade

  • DebbieDebbie Member Posts: 62
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    I can preview... that's helpful

  • DebbieDebbie Member Posts: 62
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    If you can advise on how I can make Reckon find the V5 converter I might have some chance of making this work ...........

  • Anton StraussAnton Strauss Member Posts: 97
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    did you have all anti virus programs stopped when installing the 2018 update? something prevented a complete installation

    meanwhile, I can give a tip to email invoices while you are trying to find a solution
    1. download and install cute pdf writer (free)
    2. open Reckon and go to your invoice
    3. click the print button and choose cute pdf writer as the printer, set name and folder path and then click print
    4. send email to client and attach the pdf

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