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I need to set up an invoice so it will show column 1 COST, column 2 GST column 3 (COST plus GST).

The totals work fine, but column 1 & 3 show the same figure even when I change with/without GST.


  • Robert SmeallieRobert Smeallie Member Posts: 84
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    Did you tick the checkbox on the bottom left hand side which says Amounts include Tax? If it is ticked then the Price column will include GST.
    If you want to see the ex GST Price, untick the checkbox.
    I'm sure that you can't change the Invoice in regards to the column order despite Reckon's claims to be configurable. Like any database the sort column on the left will always be the Item Number/Inventory Number and will never be able to be changed to a cost column.
    You can only do those things in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and if you export your sales transactions to a file format which suits Excel, then you can rearrange it to suit your needs. Hope this helps.
    Robert Smeallie

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