Copy Items, Supplier & Customer to new Book

GabrielleGabrielle Member Posts: 16
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Hello,I need to start a new book in the new financial year FY19 as we are moving from Sole Trader to Pty Ltd. I'd like to copy over all items, customers & supplier to save on the work of setting up a new book in reckon one. Surely this is possible in reckon one? I cant find any threads about it.
If anyone can help that would be great.


  • TedTed Member Posts: 46
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    Hi Gabrielle, No expert on this but a new book is essentially a new account. So why not make use of the free Reckon One data conversion service that you get when opening a new account.    I expect it should be trivial for Reckon as really there is no actual conversion required.  They simply need to flush the transaction records from an existing book and save it to a new one.    But like you said, it is surprising it cannot simply be done by yourself. But get in touch with Reckon and they should be able to do it.  
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