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I have added a new user to access Customer and Supplier Section of Reckon Accounts Premier 2018 (so they can do accounts payable and receivable duties). Enter transactions and print out.

When checking their login I notice that they can see the Employee section (names but not salaries), Memorised Transactions and Company section (which has the diagram and where your money comes from etc, top sales etc)  - something which I do not want them to see. 

If they click around the Company section, they are automatically transferred to the Bank Register section (aka Control + R on the home screen). I think I have tried to access the Bank Register from the home section but it is blocked but somehow you can go to the Company section and access it the "back door" way. 

Is it possible for only the Supplier and Customer sections to appear on the home screen rather than the whole program?

Looking forward to some suggestions or work arounds.


  • ShaneShane Reckon Staff Posts: 560
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    Hi Cindi,

    You would need either Accounts Enterprise or Accounts Hosted in order to lock down user access beyond what you have achieved so far.  With Premier its not possible to completely block users from lists and centers, it will only stop you from doing certain things in those areas like creating transactions or viewing employee setup details.  With Enterprise and Hosted you do have this ability, and have much more control to lock users out of areas, for example you can stop users from accessing the employee center at all or stop them from accessing the chart of accounts at all.

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    Thanks Shane for your advice - please advise on how to mark this as complete.
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