How to Track Time worked on projects

athinaathina Member Posts: 15
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I am using Reckon One.
How do I track time on Projects that are entered as non-billable?


  • athinaathina Member Posts: 15
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    Hello Reckon One Community & Staff
    Does anyone track time and have any idea if you can track how many hours spent by each employee on each project? 
    I need help please :(
  • HutchHutch Member Posts: 10
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    I also have the same question. I add in time sheets for employees against a project, but there doesn't appear to be any way of tracking or reporting on time spent against a project.  A lot of project I am doing are fixed price projects so I want to track actual performance against budgeted performance.
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    I use Reckon Accounts Premier: Contractor Edition. There is a report under 'Reports/Jobs, Time & Mileage/Time by Job Summary or Detail' which shows the number of hours spent on jobs by employees. At the end of the report are the hours which haven't  been allocated to any job. Hope this helps
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